What is franchising?

Franchising is a business model where a franchisor grants the rights to an individual or entity (franchisee) to operate a business using its established brand, systems, and support in exchange for fees and royalties.

How does franchising work?

Franchising works by the franchisor providing the franchisee with a proven business concept, including trademarks, operating procedures, training, marketing support, and ongoing assistance. The franchisee pays an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties to the franchisor in return for these benefits.

What are the advantages of franchising?

Franchising offers several advantages, including: - Established brand recognition and customer base. - Proven business model and systems. - Training and support from the franchisor. - Access to marketing and advertising resources. - Economies of scale in purchasing and operations. - Reduced risk compared to starting a business from scratch.

What are the costs involved in franchising?

include: - Initial franchise fee: A one-time payment to join the franchise system. - Royalties: Ongoing fees based on a percentage of sales. - Marketing fees: Contributions to national or local marketing efforts. - Equipment and inventory: Costs for purchasing necessary equipment and initial inventory. - Build-out and leasehold improvements: Expenses related to setting up the physical location.

What support can I expect from the franchisor?

Franchisors typically provide various forms of support, including: - Initial training on operations, marketing, and management. - Ongoing support through field visits, phone, or online communication. - Assistance with site selection and lease negotiation. - Marketing and advertising support, including national or regional campaigns. - Access to proprietary software, systems, and technology.

How long does the process to get approved take?

The entire process takes 30-45 days.

What is FDD?

The franchise disclosure document (FDD) is a document that includes everything you need to know abot opening your very own Silk store.

What is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $30,000 USD.

How much can I make from one store?

Profitability depends on many factors, including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms, and most importantly, your ability to operate the business effectively. We would be happy to show you more numbers on our current profitability per shop after you become a qualified candidate!

Do I need to live in the same area as I operate my store?

This is reviewed on a case by case basis, but the definitve answer is no.

Can I own more than one store?

Absolutely! We can discover which operating style is the best for you upon our initial call.

Is training provided to new franchisees?

Yes! Silk's job is to ensure all our businesses are smooth and operates at the highest standard. Please don't hestiaate to contact us upon any issues. Our operations team would do anything to help a new franchisee out.

Are you expanding internationally?

Yes! Currently our footprint lies across China and the United States; but we are also open to expand internationally so please don't hesitate to approach us for more information!