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Our Story

The name Silk was inspired by the fragrant, silky Hong Kong-style milk tea – the city’s most iconic beverage – finely filtered in a sackcloth bag that reminds of yesteryear’s delicate silk stocking.

Born from the appreciation of Taiwanese street food and bubble tea outlets that sparked the craze for hand-shaken beverages, Silk pays homage to this city’s own beloved tea culture and the traditional craft beverage of Hong Kong-style milk tea; uniting the culinary cultures of Hong Kong and Taiwan using only premium ingredients.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to bring Hong Kong-style milk tea back en vogue. Using Silk as a bridge, we hope to expand to both East and West and let the globe taste our take on Hong Kong-style milk tea. With each sip of Silk tea, you can feel the fusion of the cultural essences of Hong Kong and Taiwan as we pass on our love of tea culture to the new generation.

Our Tea

With a unique blend of black tea from Sri Lanka, evaporated milk from Hong Kong, and raw tea ingredients from Taiwan, Silk uses a secret local recipe that has been refined and developed for over 50 years to create an exciting array of Hong Kong-style beverages with a smooth, subtle and silky texture.

Our founders have personally visited more than 10 tea plantations across China and Taiwan just to find the perfect blend of tea leaves made for milk tea - the one that wouldn’t leave an obscure taste in your tastebuds upon finishing it.